Convincing yourself ypur pregnant when you are not?

Can anyone else relate?? A few times I have convinced myself of being pregnant. Which is impossible beacuse me and my boyfriend have never had sex... We have dry humped, but with clothes on. So there is no, skin ato skin contact of those areas.

But lately to calm my anxiety I have started looking for information about if i could become pregnant by dry humping, all the information i have found has based is self on the same theme; "That its very highly unlikely, practically impossible."

While reading of the articles and stories, I thave seen oters with my same problem. Thinking that there pregnant, I think is called "hysterical pregnancy" (Im not really sure).

I know, I know... Its oretty dumd to think that one could get pregnant that way when its practically imposible. But I would like it if some of you lovely women would let me know that other people have the same problems defore... Even thought right know the anxiety I get from this, have subsided. I don't want to have to face it again, and feel alone...