Could he really like me?

Okay, so, the guy that does my nails, he's always smiling at me and what not.. I've been going to the same nail shop a long time now, he's very attractive and always nice. His mom does my eyebrows and sometimes the dad does my nails if he can't. The mom and dad are always smiling at me & they always give me deals on my nails and what not. So, there is also another younger girl that works there and I'm wondering if that's maybe the other child or what? She's always smiling at me too! & one day I was driving and out of nowhere he pulled on the side of me and the younger girl was in the car he says "hey what's up, where you going" & she was waving and smiling at me. I was like hmmm... & now she like always smiles and the whole family does when he does my nails or what not. & I'm wondering does he like me? Is that his sister? Do they maybe know he likes me and that's why they are always smiling at me? I mean why would he speed up to pull on the side of me that day... Etc? I'm so confused and I can be bold but I'm very shy. But I do think he's attractive and nice.... What to do? Answers please???