Gender and preferred pronouns (a brief guid)

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*As a cis person, I'm not the authority on gender identity or trans issues, so if I say anything problematic or incorrect please call me out on it.* 
Many people don't realize that there are more than two genders! Gender, in fact, exists on a spectrum, so there's actually endless possibilities on what gender a person can identify as. 
A quick list:
Cisgender Female -someone assigned female at birth and identifies as female
Bigender- someone who identified as two genders
Cisgender Male- someone assigned male at birth and identifies as male
Agender- someone with no gender
Pangender- someone who identifies as all genders
Nonbinary- someone who doesn't identify as male or female 
Genderqueer- someone who's gender is undefined 
Trans man- a man who was assigned female at birth
Trans woman- a woman who was assigned male at birth
Intersex- someone born with multiple sex characteristics
These are obviously not the only options and if you know of any others, feel free to post them! 
Preferred Pronouns
/Always/ use someone's preferred pronouns. If you don't know, politely ask what there preferred pronouns are. 
Again, this is just a quick rundown. 
There is:
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*Never ask a trans person about their genitals, their birth name, or their surgery status. These topics are never open for discussion unless the trans person brings it up first.*