Heavy lifting

Sarah • Mom of 2 (ages 14&11). TTC #3 since Jan 2014 with new hubby (his first). #1 miscarriage November 2015 :(
Hi all... I have a question. 
​My OH & I are moving and this weekend we are renting a truck to start taking over what we can do ourselves to the new place. Due to giant list of reasons we were only able to BD once this month but it was on peak day. This will be month #3 of TTC. 
​I've had a few symptoms and while at the dentist today she told me that my gums were bleeding more then usual and that could be a good sign (not like my brain needed the encouragement of "symptoms" lol) 
​But anyway, AF isn't due till the 20th and I think I O'd on 03/03 or 04/03. 
​For peace of mind, DH really wants to make sure I'm not lifting heavy objects if we are preg (makes sence!) but is it way too early?? 
​I bought a FRER and plan to use it in the morning but it would be only 10-11 DPO
​Really need some advice!