My bfp!

Monica • 🇵🇹Juliette.Nicholas.Malia🇵🇭

I've been ttc for 3 cycles & we did it! I took a frer last night (11dpo) at 10:30pm & got my bfp ???

Ovulation day(per glow) 10/14, I had very little amounts of creamy cm

1dpo- ewcm

2dpo- slight acne, sore boobs (usual af signs)

4dpo- ewcm, pretty strong af-like cramps

5dpo- watery cm

6dpo- huge glob of yellow-colored ewcm, itchy/tingly boobs, woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose, super hungry

7dpo- ewcm, stronger af-like cramps

8dpo- super tired (took a couple of naps lol) slight nausea, still stuffy nose & sore throat, af-like cramps, hungry

9dpo- creamy cm, round dime-sized amount of bright red/light pink blood in one wipe

10dpo- creamy cm

11dpo- tired, nausea, hungry but get full fast, cravings, sense of smell heightened, needed my man close to me

The 11th dpo, I was running on 2-hours of sleep, and was picking up family at the airport then went shopping all day, so I figured I was loopsy from being tired, but my boobs were itchy as all hell & my chest area was hurting from them, plus all I wanted to do was eat lol so that night at home, I went to the store to get chocolate cake with my man, and while at the store I smelled his guy's cologne from miles away. It was so strong, I nearly threw up. That's when I knew, so I grabbed a box of tests and used one that night & got my bfp! Still in shock!!