Can you see ANYTHING?

? Kristina ? • ? I`m 23 & live in England ? TTC #1 ✨ Had a chemical pregnancy on 24/09/2014 ?
Last month on 24th September I had a chemical pregnancy. My periods are generally every 31ish days and I know this can be messed up after a miscarraige so I literally have no idea when my period will come...doesn't feel like it's coming at all and had so many pregnancy symptoms. Took a clearblue plus pregnancy test last night and don't think I've ever seen a test look so negative lol. Took another this morning and I'm still not seeing anything. I don't know if I'm stupid for staying hopeful or whether I just want this so much that I'm going crazy. Please, please let me knowing you see anything at all ? top picture is the one from this morning and bottom picture is the one from last night

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