Health Emergency HELP IF POSSIBLE

Hi guys, this is a long one but I DESPERATELY BEYOND DESPERATELY need help.
 I know this probably isn't the proper place to talk about this probably but I'm 21 an I'm desperately ending some help or opinions. If you could take the time to read an give any opinions please feel free. An no negative comments please. I'm scared an dealing with enough as it is. 
-okay, it all started on a Wednesday night around 8:30-9 pm. I had just gotten home from work an was throwing up blood an losing blood while using the bathroom. 
I was rushed to Children's where I stayed for a month having mutiple test ran an everything under the sun.
At the age of 10 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. In the midst of everything. We of course were told it was hereditary an so all the past times that I had be diagnosed with the "Flu, Stomach pains, Food poisoning" just EVERYTHING under the sun you could imagine how aggravating it gets to take a million different medications that were never working but seemed to make things worse. Throughout the past eleven years since being diagnosed I have had major pains an majorly bad flair ups in an out of the hospital an in an out of emergency rooms. 
Here recently I've been having bad flair ups but on top of that I've been randomly passing out while driving an not able to hold down food once again. I went from being 97.5 pounds to being 80 pounds in less then two weeks. 
While at the Emergency room two weeks ago I sat in the emergency room after passing out on the way to work while driving an then once again while I was at work working. When I finally got back to the room after waiting 5 an a half to 6 hours they got me back there asked all the basic an normal questions gave me a IV an pain medication an then sent me on my way (home) to call my doctor. Which I called whom never got back to me. Things just kept getting worse an worse. This week is the third week that I've been sick an randomly passing out in the shower and after the shower (by passing out I mean all I start to see is black dots an my vision goes black an I can't move or hear anything an then when my vision comes back all I can see is mouths moving but no sound) along with unbearable pain an major migranes. Today my parents are rushing me to the ER once again to see what can be done. 
What I'm asking is if anyone with Crohn's/IBD/UC has any suggestions as to what could possible be wrong or any questions I could possibly ask my do out to maybe get more answered an more help or if anyone has any suggestions as to what I could do differently throughout my day. 
I go to the gym an eat properly an eat small portions a day as told an drink pleanty of liquids as recommend. 
Could ANYONE, ANYONE in begging possibly help with anything. You would be a amazing help an support because right now I'm terrified and beyond scared of what could possibly be wrong.