Weight gain during pregnancy

Katherine • I'm 33 yrs old and pregnant with baby boy #4! My boys are 15, 11, and 1.5.
I'm currently pregnant with my 4th lil boy. In every pregnancy I barely gained any weight and it always concerned me. My first three boys were all born before 37 weeks and thankfully were all healthy. So with baby #4 I was determined to gain more than 12 lbs so I could have a healthier baby. During the first trimester I was hit hard with morning sickness (all day long) so I was really worried. At the second trimester I got online and started researching how to put on the weight and do it healthy. After about two weeks of research the best advice I found was increase my calorie intake. By every pregnancy page it said I should only consume 1600 calories a day, well I decided to up it to 2000 and see if that would work. Now my next battle was high calorie foods that are healthy.  Off I went to do more searching. I found two web sites that gave me a sample meal plan for a week, I paired that info with my fitness pal app and prayed for results. In 4 weeks I kid you not I put on 7 lbs! So I did it for another 4 weeks and bam another 8 lbs! Well here I am in my third trimester and still slightly under my goal weight for 34 weeks pregnant but since I started this I put on close to 17lbs! Now that I'm nearing the end of this crazy journey I know I have to increase my calories a bit more due to baby is gonna be hitting a growth spurt soon.... Here we go 2200 calories a day! Ladies let me tell you something, eating this many calories a day is a full time job in itself, but it has been so rewarding! Most women dread the scale during pregnancy but not this mommy, I'm always excited to see if I've hit my goal weight for my appt. Now my Drs were never concerned with my weight since my babies all were on track, but I hated the fact that I never looked pregnant due to I never put on enough weight. I told my dr what I was doing and he said to me "you are doing a great job and I have to say I'm absolutely amazed at your progress! This is going to be great for your baby and you" 
So ladies if any of you struggle to gain weight with pregnancy it's all in how many calories you eat and how you get those calories. If anyone has questions or needs ideas let me know ill do my best to help ya