Holding back.. Kinda

So me and my SO are very comfortable with each other and have a great relationship. But sometimes I feel like I let the way i feel about myself hold back our sex life for what it could be. I mean it's great and everything but I feel it could be way better if I wasn't so self conscious about myself and my body. He tells me all the time he loves me and thinks I'm beautiful, but you know sometimes you just have your own personal insecurities. Does anyone else feel like this, like you're kind of holding back and know you could be way more sexual than you are and change your sex life(good change) if you weren't as insecure ? Like I get uncomfortable/nervous being naked in the middle of the day or something and can't even focus on the task lol, idk it's stupid and I wish I could let myself really be as comfortable as I know we are with each other ! We've been together for years and seen each other naked a million times ! Idk what it is. I'm uncomfortable with my weight,I mean I'm not huge but by no means small at all, and every other girl before me has been skinny so I think I let that get to me..