Miscarriage debt.

Ondrea • Hello all!! I have 2 daughters from previous relationships. Had a miscarriage last year. Due June 26th hubby's 1st!
Ladies I'm in dier need of direction here!  Last year I. December a month after I moved states I had a miscarriage.  I went to the hospital when the bleeding started terrified. I have 2 girl both pregnancies were healthy. We didn't have insurance yet because my husband was still looking for work.  We told the ER when we went in we were unemployed and unInsured. They did a ultrasound and said I was not too far along and was miscarring.  I shattered.  They never told us about any charities or discounts at the time. Other then paying the bill when it was revived in full in 30 day.  The bill was 5,000. No one I know could pay that in 39 days. The calls I got after the bill were very rude. They told me I could not set up payments with them. I told them agin I was unemployed and un insured. They pretty much told me "sucks for you".  Then we get a call from someone who says they are not collections tells me they sill can't take payments.  But till let me pay them....in small amounts. Then we get served. We can't respond unless it's with a lawer so here we are agin. Scrued   Now my husband, the only provider check is being garnished 25%. We can afourd this at all and need help so so badly.  If any of you have a direction to point me I would gladly hear it!  Please and thank you