Overprotective parents of 17 yr old

Overly suspicious of nothing 
Trying to protect me from what I've already done mainly (sex) 
It's a problem going out Saturday's 
Blows my phone up when it turns 10 
Doesn't allow me to have sleep overs. 
I mean my 16 year old bestfriend gets more freedom than this. 
Parents talk about ohh you're gonna experience the real world soon and the work world when you have a problem with me going out ? 
Contradiction much .. 
Anyways yea I'm going crazy man. 
Like ... Then they wonder why I'm the way I am. 
I'm gonna be 18 in January like they make it seem like I can't handle my self and my own life like I'm gonna go get knocked up 
Or something 
That's why I'm such a "skeletons in my closet kid" I mean 
They would die at half he things I've done and tried 
But like now its getting to the point where  I can't keep sneaking around. 
I need my actual ass freedom 
Like day time and nighttime freedom 
This has been going on way too long. 
I'm at the brink of ultimate disrespect and rebellion "to their face" 
What do you think ?