Need Help Figuring Out Timing Sex with IUI

How do you time sex with <a href="">IUI</a> so you don't deplete sperm count for insimination? I don't want to miss chances to have sex but want to make sure sperm sample is good. doctor said to have sex every other day. 
Here's where I'm at: 
CD 11: Neg OPK, no sex
CD 12: Neg OPK, sex
Today is CD 13: Neg OPK, should we have sex today? 
Tomorrow is CD14: likely positive OPK, should we skip sex on CD 14?
CD15: likely <a href="">IUI</a>, DH provides sample and we "top me off" in the evening. 
Should we have sex today and tomorrow? today but not tomorrow? tomorrow but not today? 
Thanks for your help!