Erica • Momma-to-be in Sept 2019! 🤰🏻
So last month was my first month on clomid. 50 mg, I did really well, ovulated on cd 21. Got my positive OPK then had terrible excruciating O pain. Unfortunately, I did get pregnant, but lost it. This month, I'm on 100 mg, I got a positive OPK yesterday, which happened to be CD 21, and my temperature is rising, but FF still hasn't placed my crosshairs (probably will tomorrow, if it's high still). I'm super concerned that I didn't O because other than some mild cramps this time, it wasn't as painful at all as last time. Does it look like I O'd as far as my OPK and Chart go? 
Last OPK is from today. Still not completely dark, but usually after O it's a lot lighter.