Would you stop wearing bras?

Idk if you ladies have heard this but studies have proven that wearing a bra has no advantages unless you're a larger chested woman and suffer from back problems. I get if you're flat chested and go for a padded or push-up to appear more full, but if you want your puppies to be a little more perky, you might want to take a second thought before strapping them up. 
Holding them up against gravity makes them weak and when we take off the bra, the muscles and tissue relax giving a floppy appearance as opposed to letting them firm up on there own naturally, thus making them stronger and more perky. After a certain age, it doesn't really do much benefit in the long run, but if you're still in your twenties or younger, it could pay off. I've discontinued wearing a bra (I'm a 34c) for a little over a month now (aside from sport bras for the gym) and I've actually seen a complete difference in my breasts. They're definitely more plump and appear to look slightly perkier than when I wore a bra every day! Would you ever go without a bra?  

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