Body sensation that indicates ovulation?

Gabrielle • Married SAHM of a 3 year old DD. Rainbow is due in November 💖

Who's in tune with their body? I know when something is off, am I imagining things? I had an early miscarriage 11/4 (chemical pregnancy) it was like a normal period for me except a little more cramping and the same flow. We have a 3 yr old DD but this time around things are taking a weird turn with the CP and taking forever to conceive. We did find out 10/23 we did conceive unfortunately ending in MC is very upsetting. I was 23 when I had my DD, now I am 26... does age matter why it's taking so longer than last time.

Anyways, by other apps and websites if 11/4 was my period for the month .... we BD my whole fertile week every other day. Today I have tender BBs and have felt twinges in my left ovary. What does that really mean... possibly ovulation????

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