Water broke at 16 weeks baby passed and today is his burial 😭

I don't know how to feel this is beyond what I can take I've been crying my baby boy for days and today I put him to rest my miracle baby my world. I don't know what went wrong when my water broke Thursday afternoon June 2nd I rushed to the hospital went into labor and delivered my baby boy at 7:13 pm with no heartbeat glad I got to hold him and spend time with him but is just not the same I just want him back I feel so broken my life will never be the same... 3 days before I noticed strange discharge yellow mucus thick elastic and I didn't pay mind to it I thought pregnancy was just a experience where you get these kind of things all the time then next day I had clear elastic mucus wich then I started noticing pressure in my pelvis to the 3rd day my water breaking 😭 i wish no one ever has to go threw this because is the worst feeling on earth and to everyone who has I'm sorry I feel your pain and God bless never give up because soon as I'm ready I'm going to trust in God that he will give me my bby boy back and wishing for twins God bless all expectant mothers and dads out there ❤️❤️❤️