Need help

I started seeing a guy I was interested in a day after his breakup with his girlfriend of 2 years (keep in mind I didn't know they were even together, just that he was a hottie and I was interested). They had gotten in a huge fight before his uncle's wedding and met me after the wedding. Anyway, after our first date (which happened to land on the worst day ever) he called me before our lunch plans the following day saying how his girlfriend wanted him back. He said he needs time to get over her. I said it's a LOT easier if he ripped her off like a crusty bandaid, but he has an awful habit of over complicating EVERYTHING. I like him, I'm attracted to him, and everyone I meet thinks we're perfect together, but as of now we're "friends" who hold hands, go on obscure trips either very early in the morning or very late at night, and kiss each other occasionally.

Am I a bad person? Should I leave him behind? What do I do? He literally told her he was leaving her and she said "no" and it's all awkward. HELP, LADIES!