Does it get better

Does it get easier?!? My LO is 1 week and so far I hate breastfeeding. I like the bonding and that he's getting what he needs. But I truly hate breastfeeding. I know my hormones are crazy messed up bc I'm randomly sad a lot. That's not like me! But I wonder if I'll still hate it once my hormones go back to normal. If it weren't for my husband pushing me to stick it out I'd quit. I know it's selfish and I know I haven't given it enough time. I'm just over it but I can't be. Today he cluster fed basically all day. :( it's not even that it hurts it's just I feel that's  all I did was feed. Idk. I have a lot anxiety about pumping to. I had no idea it was so much work.ill be working full time soon. So it's stressing me jidf thinking about it. And idky but he won't sleep in our room in his bed. He cries. He'll only sleep on my chest in the recliner. I miss Laying next to my husband. Hoping it gets better.