It was finally my turn

After reading and seeing all the babies born on September16 board at 40w 5d on September 19th it was finally my turn. My water broke at 6:30am, contractions started almost right away and at 1.5 minutes apart, they stayed between 1-1.5 minutes apart until I got to 8cm at 3:30pm, after spacing out to 3 minutes apart and "stalling" for 2 hours at 8cm I started a pitocin drip and was ready to push at 8:40pm. I pushed for 44 minutes (was told I would be pushing an hour and a half minimum, yeah right), I ended up with a 2nd degree tear, and it was by far the hardest but most amazing thing I've ever done. Baby boy had some breathing and temperature issues so we unfortunately did not get to do skin to skin and attempt to breast feed right away but he's doing much better and we will be going home later today. Kaden Michael was born weighing 8lbs 3oz and measuring 22 & 1/4 inches long!