Double standard?

Hannah • Canadian momma to a sweet 10 month old boy 💙 expecting baby number 2 in May 2017 !
So I might get some heat for this but I'm curious.. I've noticed tons of posts from women about their controlling spouses who try to dictate what they can and can't do. Pretty much everyone, including myself tells the poster that it's unhealthy and maybe even that he's being emotionally abusive and she should leave. 
Recently I saw a post asking if women would be ok with their man going clubbing with their guy friends. Almost half of you said no. The reasons varied but my question is, is this fair? When a man says he doesn't want his partner going out we say it's unhealthy and she should leave him. When a women says it, apparently it's the norm.. do you think this is an unfair double standard? 

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