When to go to a fertility specialist?

So, last feb I got my mirena taken out and still no BFP. I've done OPK's religiously since July, temping since August and finally got my DH to get his physical (it's a yearly struggle!) and nothing..
This is my fertile week and DH isn't even acting interested in BDing. Is there a good time in a cycle to see a specialist? Or does it matter? He knows if we don't see our BFP this month we're going- but I'm still not sure he actually knows what that entails. Honestly I'm not 100% sure what all its going to be like.
I'm so frustrated and have what seems like a million friends getting pregnant. And had a friend of mine who was TTC along with us say that now she can be our DD when we go out with them. Which I still haven't forgiven her for.... Ugh. Honestly I thought we would've started this entire process years ago and already had a baby or 2. I'm so ready for 2015 to be the year I finally become a mom!