Funny story- had to share :D

I went to Walmart last night with my 4 month old baby, my mom, and my sister. Like usual, I had LO in my moby wrap and a worker comes up to me and bends over to get a good look at my baby (I'm 5'1" and have been repetitively told I look half my age). The worker thought I was carrying around a baby doll until she moved. She had to come get a closer look to see for sure she was real. I must've looked like a kid carrying around her baby doll! Haha. She is a pretty perfect baby but I am abbot biased. Lol. (Photo is from when she was only about 2 weeks old) just got a new phone and don't have updated pics on it yet. Anyone else have a funny story that happened to you and your LO(s). I would love to hear them!