Cringey first date story

So this is supposed to be funny and if anyone wants to post about their bad dating experiences please do I love reading this stuff. 
Okay so I had been talking to this guy for about a month and he said he used to go to my school before he got kicked out my freshman (his junior) year. Which okay in my defense I was just wanting to give him a chance he seemed to know me very well so I was on board. He face timed me and my friend during a New Year's <a href="">Eve</a> party and whatever and was really nice everyone was telling me he was great. Then I asked him to go with me to a church bowling event with me because I haven't ever met him so I don't want to be alone with him. We get there and he sees my friend Jenna and he tenses up and starts like ignoring me and I am super confused. I text him because he will not talk and he says yeah she's my ex and it's super awkward. So I talked to Jenna and she was like oh yeah that's how I know him.... he was acting as if this was super dramatic ended in flames and she doesn't even remember it. So that's a really weird thing so he finally talks to my bestfriend about the situation but not me cuz he doesn't want to "freak me out". Then we are bowling and he is on his phone a lot and I'm like what the fuck dude you are already acting crazy this is what you choose? So at the table with my mother and my brother and my beast friend he puts his phone on the table and says" I can't believe my ex is so mad just because I got her pregnant " silence no one says anything and at this point everyone is creeped the hell out by this guy and I'm like alright I'm never going to see this dude again how do I get out of this? So we finish bowling and I try not to be alone with him at all and when we get to the car he is finishing smoking a cigarette and then kisses me and blows the smoke into my mouth and I wanna die at this point. We get to his apartment to drop him off and he creepily says to my friend" can you get out of the car I need to talk to you" I sit there awkwardly waiting to hear what she says and he was asking her if she would take a picture of us for him to post on Facebook talking about us dating. I took the picture to get rid of him then I text him after I left and said nope can't do it I'm sorry you are super weird you told my mom you got your ex pregnant and he gets super mad and texts me a week later and says he left his headphone I was so scared by this guy I told him I sold my car and must have forgotten them cleaning it. 
So please share any creepy or just weird dating stories and let me know if this made you laugh this is not the worst experience I have in my love life.