Hey ladies maybe you could give me some motivational stories during my 2WW. ☺ I'm trying not to get my hopes up but here are my symptoms so far. AF regularly every 26 days, 1/11-1/15 +opk 23rd,

4dpo cramps for a couple hours, pink spots when wiped

5Dpo woke up feeling stuffy, dizzy all morning

6Dpo felt like I needed to nap around 2pm, headaches & heartburn

7dpo burst of energy, good mood, bloated, definitely NOT constipated, metallic gross taste in mouth, hiccups off and on all day and heartburn at night

8Dpo woke up to a lot of white cm dried in panties (Tmi) didn't even bd last night still definitely not constipated

I hope this is our month! What's your opinions ladies?