Husband won't let me name my daughter

I don't know what to do, I'm hurting so much inside my husband won't let me give my daughter a middle name which is a name that's special to me that I've had picked since a kid.
​It has special meaning to me.
​I was so excited to find we are having a girl but since he doesn't like the name for a first name I thought it could be a middle name even tho I don't like the first name we Agreed on As much.
​All he says is she can't have a middle name that's it (he doesn't have one it's from his parents culture but he grew up here in Australia, I do) I can't stop crying I don't think a man can ever understand what it means to a mother to name her own child.
​I'm so so sad I can't stop cryin and scared we argue about lots of little things in always asking him to talk more not just shut me down and if he would do something I find so hurtful makes me worry we won't make it. 
​I tried to close the door as he was leaving the room and he pushed me lightly that was his way of communicating no.