Cervical position questions!

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I could use a little help. My DH and I have been trying for two years now for our first and have had no pregnancies. I started AF last Tuesday and it was about two days of bleeding and then two days of brown spotting. Not exactly normal for me but I was still not alarmed...
I have IBS so I am prone to feeling sick after I eat. However, I have been feeling nauseated for the last two weeks now. I haven't thought of it meaning anything...until now. 
Basically, I have begun charting my cervical position and today I could not even reach it. I read a bit about how your cervix should change and that's where I was confused. I read that after AF it should be low and hard. I am on day 6 of my cycle, so I still consider it way too soon to be ovulating. Does anyone know anything about cervical positioning? Any info would be much appreciated. This is just the first time I have done cervical position charting and I would like someone to explain a little bit better to me. Thanks!