Stop growing so fast please

Momma H 💙
Sitting here at 6 in the morning watching my baby put himself back to sleep in his own bed like such a champ and I suddenly became just so overwhelmed with how much he's growing and progressing so fast. I mean it's crazy that just 3 months ago they couldn't hardly even hold there heads up now we're rolling over spitting up with help babbling like brooks just all these amazing tricks, I remember bringing him home and being so terrified to even sleep cause I needed to watch him. Man I don't think I truly slept that whole first month I was always so scared he would stop breathing or something Funny how quick everything changes I still can't believe it's only been 3.5 months. It's the most amazing mossy fulfilling thing being this guy's mom he's my whole world. We as mom's I think are the luckiest people in the world getting to experience all this amazing stuff and getting to be a part of these amazing little people's lives. I know im getting all intense here but I just needed to share my feelings a little bit I got so overwhelmed with how amazing these little people are. I love being his mom he's my whole world I would do anything for this kid. 💙