abusive relationship.

My boyfriend has gotten really aggressive towards me since around thanksgiving of 2016. I'm scared to tell my parents what's going on because the threats my boyfriend has made to me about my family are horrifying. I have marks from his abuse all over my body. I'm so afraid of him. I do whatever he say whenever he says because if I don't it can get ugly. I feel so unsafe with him, he tells me all the time that he's sorry for hurting me and that he loves me. I cry every single night wondering where did I go wrong or what can i do to keep him happy. even suicide crossed my mind a few times. it's tough and i'm so lost and broken. Love shouldn't hurt like this! i'm so stupid for still loving him. i'm so ashamed which is why i chose to make this post anonymous. I need support and advice and if possible can I reach out to any of you guys via text message or email or anything of that sort? Please don't be judgemental just guide me the best way you can.