Family member in car accident?

I just got a call on our house phone from highway patrol or something like. I can't remember exactly what he said. It may have been national highway of motor vehicles or something! All I know is that he said "highway" but I couldn't hear what he was saying because he kept breaking up and he eventually just hung up. My parents just left for church about an hour ago at 8:50. I got that call at 9:35. It only takes them 7 mins to get to church but they do take the highway there. I got into an accident in the highway last week so at 1st I thought the call was for me from some insurance company or something but then I remembered that my parents took the highway to church and why would an insurance company because calling my parent's house phone at 9AM on a Sunday, you know? That's kind of unlikely. But now I'm worried that something may have happened and highway patrol called the house to let someone here know but the call got lost. But when the number started with (730) and that's not from a number in this area which makes me think it was like a survey or bill collector or something. But if my parents got in an accident & were unable to call me themselves, would the police continue to try to contact us or what?