Need support/hate my husband

He questions everything I do like the way I do things doesn't make sense. I wanted to take my son to the park, but he said that bc he doesn't want to go and our son is going through a stranger danger phase I shouldn't take him. I'd I try to anyways he'll just say I never listen to him, which he already thinks I never listen to him. He wants me to listen to how he wants to raise our son, but thinks all of my ideas are stupid. He gets mad bc I don't wake him up, tell him to take a shower/brush his teeth, or tell him we need to get stuff done (even though he knows we need to do those things). For example, we recently moved in with his parents & out too forever to unpack and get stuff stored that needed to be bc he wouldn't do anything unless I said something. He got mad bc at one point our son rarely acted like he wanted to be around him and said it was my fault for never asking for help, but then said he wouldn't help unless I asked. He never thinks I cook healthy enough food either. I know I struggle with vegetables, but I still always try them at last and make sure to include them in every meal. Sorry for the range I guess. I just need some support really.