ok...this is getting real.

Hey guys. So I'm almost 16 week pregnant with twins...it still shocks me to say that! This is my first pregnancy. It's been a whirlwind of emotions but lately I'm feeling quite anxious and scared about it all. I'm very lucky, have great support with family and friends and my partner is beyond incredible, but I can't shake this feeling. Don't get me wrong I am excited but at the same time stressing over silly things (which I'm sure all mums to be have though about) how my whole world is going to change, I'm about to have a HUGE responsibility for 2 humans, what if I don't bond with them? What if I'm a shit parent, worried about being house bound and getting cabin fever, how it will affect my relationship, living on one Income ect... I know it sounds silly and I try to tell myself to calm down everything will be fine, but I think doesn't help when I have people saying to me all of the time "oh well you will have your hands full", "better you not me", "wow that is my worst nightmare", "you poor thing" and "you guys are fucked"..all with humour of course..but it's so annoying and rude!
Any other mums out been through this and found ways to stop overthinking and being silly lol