What do you think of people that act entitled for WIC?

So I have seen numerous times in mommy groups those moms that are on WIC sit there and complain they have to buy 1-3 cans a month extra that they don't get for free and how could WIC not provide that blah blah. I understand needing WIC That's NOT the issue here mommies that need it and don't lie about income I am so glad that it is available for you. HOWEVER. Why do some women think the government should pay for their child in every aspect? & then complain over $30-$50 a month when you get HUNDREDS for free? Does it not bother anyone else when they complain? I have bought 100% of my child's fomula from birth no assistance. I've never complained I don't have WIC. I just don't get it lol so unappreciative. Again if you're on WIC this is not meant to be a blow at you. I just can't stand when people complain about the government feeding your child for free lol.. 

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