friends with benefits

I've recently started seeing a guy I grew up with just for sex. 
So we've both just gotten out of relationships like about a month or two ago and we are heading into college this fall, weve had sex like 3 times already (mostly just when we feel as though we "need" it), we text each other when we want too meet up. And honestly I'm happy with the situation 😂 we are still REALLY good friends and we talk about everything from our life's to our family before and after we have sex. Mind you the sex is amazing. Like the best I've ever had type of sex 😂 
My family loves him, and his family loves me but honestly neither of us want anything serious rn. We made us clear to each other that if we sleep with anyone else while we are still seeing each other then we would have to cut it off and just be friends, to be safe. Cause ya girl don't want no STD. Plus this boy is straight Puerto Rican man 😭 he looking to good. 
Have you ever had a friend with benifits? 💦 let me know in the comments.