Feeling unsure.

Ashley • My son and 1st child born 2/14/13 - pregnant with my daughter, baby #2 11/30/15!! Very excited!
Hi everyone. Today i woke up to some pink/ reddish blood in my undies and when I wiped. The doc sent me to the ER where they ran some testing. The ultrasound showed a gestational sac and a yok sac but no fetal pole/heartbeat yet, but they say it's bc it's still early. It's measuring 5weeks 3 days. The hcg levels Wednesday were 3,302. Today only 4790. (Previously was 27 day of missed period, and 78- 2 days later then the 3,302 was a week later on Wednesday 4/1)  They didn't double like they like so that's what is raising concern with the bleeding. Bleeding has stopped for now. I need to follow up Monday and get more blood. Right now, it's gray area they say. They aren't sure if I'll stay pregnant or if I'll end up miscarrying. It's nothing anyone can help. So we wait and see what happens. The cervix is closed and there is no bleeding internal. They are calling it a threatened pregnancy. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I could use some advice on helping to cope while I get some more answers this next week.