Beuty after giving birth


I wanted to share this short post; I gave birth exactly a week ago. & I cant even explain how exhausted I truly feel. Sleepless nights, my appetite is out of wack & my baby girl consumes every minute of my life. She is deff a handful. However along with all these emotions I have never felt so beautiful. Even if my body is not back to normal. I feel a absolutely beautiful and proud of myself. I cant believe something soo precious came out of me. Not to mention being home with my husband & daughter has made me love my husband even more. I see how much he loves our baby. & for the first time ever he told me " I am such a great mom" thats like the sweetest comment he ever said to me in these 6 years. Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience EVER. Even if the pain is no joke is all worth it. I feel so empowered; breastfeeding has been amazing. I am so in love with life💕💕