Really messed up cycle during fertility treatment

Dee • 42, happy mother of a lovely boy through ICSI on 3rd round. TTC #2 since June 17

Had to do <a href="">fertility treatment</a> during a natural cycle. My progesterone was very high at the beginning so my doctor said there was no chance to have a fresh transfer. Progesterone then dropped and I had the shortest cycle ever: in cycle day 11 I got my period... again.

We continued the treatment and I injected hormones for quite a while cause the follicles wouldn't exactly grow as fast as expected. I ended up getting only 2 follicles of which only one fertilized.

The doctor was stuck on the idea that we would freeze it and use it on a fresh cycle some time later. With my progesterone being so high and so low during the cycle he said I would have no chance to get pregnant. We would have to wait for a new cycle. From point of view though a new cycle already started. My progesterone levels were normal and since I usually have a rather short cycle the lining had already build up again.

Since chances are that the fertilized egg wouldn't survive the defrosting process and we would end up with no egg to transfer I urged the doctor and his team to overthink the situation. I asked if they really thought we'd have more chances freezing only one egg with 50% survival chance possibly ending up with no egg to transfer rather than making a fresh transfer in spite of the progesterone levels and they agreed to do the fresh transfer.

What would you have done?