Guy weekend

My husband is coming back from the 2nd of two camping trips with his guy friends. These trips are 4 days- 3 nights on an island in the middle of a lake with tents, little cell-service about 3-4 hrs away.

This leaves me at home all weekend with our 7 year old and 5 month old.

I am exhausted. Our daughter has been fussy during the day and the other day we ended up having a tornado warning in the middle of the night, which involved frantically grabbing the kids, bottle, blankets etc and going to the basement.

None of us got much sleep that night.

I took today off to be home with the baby (mil watches the kids usually, but I go to work super early in the morning so I took it off to give her a break).

I finally heard from him- they just left and now he has a flat tire so he doesn’t know when he’ll be home.

Yet, the one day I left him with the baby alone it was, “when are you going to be home?”

“I thought you were going to be home by now”.

He doesn’t seem to care because it’s “his weekend away from all his worries”


Rant over. (Baby is crying...again).