Can I just vent about M&SIL?!


Sooo, I just need to vent... I feel like I’m going to explode...

My sister in law doesn’t speak with my husband for almost 2y... long story short she tried to pick my kid from day care without saying anything to us... day care didn’t allow and asked us to talk with her and explain the rules... the only thing she understood from our conversation was that I was making a statement that I owned my kid and could do whatever I want... which actually is the simple truth but was not the point...

Fast forward 2y, with them not taking, we got pregnant and decided to announce to our parents on my hubby’s birthday... we made a T-shirt saying “only child until May 2018” and we waited for them to notice... although they are not speaking I invited her, because it was important enough to have her present... she declined... which was a valid decision...

My MIL took a picture of my son and send to her, sharing the news... she didn’t said anything to hubby or me... which it is just stupid but nothing that I wasn’t expecting coming from her..

Yesterday we get a FaceTime call from my MIL, we answered and it was my SIL, she knows that hubby won’t answer her phone calls... she was talking with my son and at some point she asks him how did he felt about becoming a big brother.. and we were like

So she didnt said anything to us, she knew we were there and she’s asking my kid about that?!

Hubby so upset he hang up the call and she kept on calling and calling..

What the hell?! She was invited, she decided not to come and now that she knows she won’t acknowledge?!

And why the hell would my MIL would allow her to use her phone to call?!

I’m so upset the at this point I just feel like punching her in the face... I won’t endure this during the entire pregnancy....

Am I just being petty about this?! Because I really feel like I’m gonna punch her in the face if I see her anytime soon

Rant over 😂😅