Legal advice?


I'm not very sure where to post this, but I'm hoping someone on here has some legal advice, or knowledge on how everything will play out in this situation.

My baby sister and her husband got into a huge fight last night, and the cops were called. Upon arrival, her husband told the officer that she was suicidal and had herself locked in the bathroom..I was on the phone with her the entire time. She took a can of mace and locked herself in the bathroom until the police arrived because she was afraid for her safety. But, when they found the mace, they took her to the hospital for a mental evaluation because it was made to seem that she was going to harm herself. 🙄

To the point, she's filing for divorce, and I'm going to drive 2 hours today to pick her up.

Does anyone know how this situation usually plays out! They have a lease together, but she's moving out and won't be able to keep her job because she's coming back home (2 hours away.) will she still have to pay for the lease?

Also, together they had to vehicles, a '13 Ford Mustang and a '16 Ford Fusion..they were both purchase in his name with his grandparents as a it her loss on the vehicles because of this?

He also drained their joint bank account while she was at the hospital last night..would there be a way for her to get her money back if she has pay stubs showing that she earned part of it?

Once I get to their apartment, we'll have an officer escort us to get her belongings..should we take pictures of their belongings (TV, Electronics, furniture, etc.) to show that they were in their possession prior to divorce documents? He and his family are very dirty people, and they will undoubtedly try to sell everything to prevent her from taking it.