No dairy :(

Melissa • I`m a newlywed who just got married August 23, 2014. My hubby and I have officially been together for 4 years and are trying for our rainbow baby. We lost our first at 8 weeks in December. <3

So I've stopped all products that have milk...milk, cheese, yogurt, and anything with galactose. I have to read labels really carefully for the U or pareve because I'm a carrier for galactosemia and we aren't sure yet if hubby is but me having products with galactose could have resulted in my 2 miscarriages if my baby has galactosemia (no way to know this for sure). So I decided to stop the dairy just in case.

Moral of this...i need help. I don't know what to eat anymore lol. I'm going to pick up some almond milk, coconut milk and coconut yogurt but I need some recipe ideas that are dairy free. Eggs and meat are okay. Thanks!!