Calm, and smoother than i expected.

Amari • 21 | Engaged to my bestfriend💍 | Baby#1 😍💕👶🏻

Every expecting mothers know those every bi-weekly, and then weekly appointments, and the excitement you feel. Your little one is coming sooner and sooner. The panicking to get everything done before they show. Well i had my baby shower in July, as my due date was August 30th. Her room was done. And i couldn’t be any happier.

August rolls around, and my little baby was super high, and my cervix was closed tight and was high. Every week the disappointment set in that my baby was not trying to come on out. I tried everything! Pineapple juice, walking, sex, hot showers, squats, sitting propped up in a butterfly stretch, yoga. Nothing seemed to work as my sugar was very comfortable.

I roll past my due date and I️ am 39 weeks pregnant. the doctor told me, that he didn’t want to induce me, so i wouldn’t have a long and painful labor (reasonable, and understandable, but not something a very impatient mommy wanted to hear) my 21st birthday is September 8 th and he said i was to be induced on my birthday 😭😫 i didn’t want to wait another week and a half.

I remember everything like it was yesterday, my fiancé, was celebrating his best friends birthday that weekend. On September 4th, i felt cramps, and thought I️ was leaking fluid at 10 pm, they showed it wasn’t and sent me home. So we both slept over my moms house for the night. Relaxed, watching our favorite show, and of course me eating both mine and his dinner lol.

1:30 am i started feeling cramps, which i had thought were gas pains. But got intense over the next 2 hours. I tried sleeping through them, but they came every 3/4 minutes. Very time able! I️ got my mother up, to try and walk which i just couldn’t make it! We all got showered and prepared to go to the hospital. I was 3 centimeters and was admitted. They hooked me up to IV’s and also gave me this pain medicine to have me sit through the contractions. I slept through my whole labor and was very calm the whole day. I was given my epidural at 1 pm. My nurse started a process called “laboring down” where i pushed while the baby was still in her sack. They didn’t break my water. As they saw her head coming, the nurse called the doctor over. They broke my water and i pushed her out in 38 minutes!! 💪🏽 my first baby came so fast and easy. (The pain wasn’t easy, but i definitely pulled through wonderfully) everyone couldn’t believe how easy i made it look. Definitely a wonderful experience

September 5th, 4:38 pm. At 7lbs and 4 oz Skylar Jade Gonzalez was born and changed my life 💜