4 hours to get her down to sleep-help!


My 9 week old has trouble going down for the night. We start around 9-10pm w a breastfeeding then try to put her straight in bassinet or rock in glider and sing lullabies. Use pacifier when possible. Then 3+ hrs of cycles of almost sleeping, then diaper, then rocking, then diaper, then active and alert. then she’s hungry again, and then rocking etc etc. the cycle repeats. She’s always had day night reversal so we haven’t been able to start the ritual earlier. Also contributing factor is that she can’t stand pee diapers so that’s what wakes her up but then when I change it she’s even more awake.

On top of all this, we’re trying to transition from co-sleeper bed to bassinet right next to bed. Any tips for getting her down more quickly? Or getting her to sleep for more than 2-3 hr blocks? Thanks!!