My Newborn cries too much

My newborn is now 16 days old. All of a sudden, she is starting to cry too much. Doctors says that she is okay. I kept going to them and insisting on her getting checked. They got tired of me so they told me that she has got oral thrush. She doesn’t!!! It’s just milk on her tongue and it goes off!!! My baby cries more than often like something is bothering her inside. She used to eat very well but now she barely touches milk in the bottle and rejects my breast. She just seems agitated. I check her diapers, feed her, do everything, she still cries. Her crying gets worse when I lay her down, she hardly sleeps now. She often will stop crying when I carry her. I find myself dancing while carrying hEr for hours. It breaks my heart seeing her like this. I just don’t know what to do