I’m dumb


if anyone sees my post they all about my ex🙄 So today my dumbass decided to hang out with him i haven’t seen him for two weeks and been broken up for a month and a half now. Last time he told me all his feelings were gone and he doesn’t wanna date me blah blah we done for good and he doesn’t like me, So he texted merry christmas and i replied😭 So we went to the movies today and fyi i said how i wanted to go to see “pitch perfect” and he said “lets go” so thats how we hung out, So after we went to our old spot and he started play fighting with me and we made out like two times but he’s the one that made the move like he kissed me and grabbed my face and said “aw my baby” how he would say when we were dating but idk he clearly told me we were never gunna date n he he has no feelings does anyone have any idea what’s going on w his thoughts or something im confused