I do everything for my boyfriend... i even get up early to make his sandwiches for work, when i could stay in bed till 630 to wake the kids up for school. but no. i do everythin for him and what do i get in return....oh hes nice for days on end and, one day his mother knocks at the feont door while hes at work and because i dont hear it and the door is locked (always is when im home alone or its open witg the chain on because of the dryer)Ive app had someone here or ive been at someones house. i mean fml, i do the school run and the shopping. apart from that i dont leave the house so bloody angry*UPDATE* sorry if it wasnt very clear...yes he is accusing me of being somewhere else or a male being here. i havent spoken to him all night. he knows hes annoyed me. im waiting for a sorry