Job changes feeling Emotional😥

So I am a certified nurse asstiant where I work. I love my job and what I do. I love the some of the people I work with. And all the nurses, I love the patients. ❤️ The environment. But has a down side like very other job. 
😒😔😪 I do heavy lifting, deal with some lazy co-workers so I have to pick up their slack. It can be very stressful and demanding! Especially with family members who are pushy and not understanding. I also have crazy schedules it's never the same so it gets hard for me to see my family & my daughter. And sometimes I have to work double shifts if the nobody shows up for the third shift.
Now, I have found a new job! I will be working at a dentist office. Better pay, better hours, better benefits! I am just nervous. And I am Afriad to fail. I have to adapt to a whole different environment. They told me they want me to learn the front desk & train me to be the dentist assistant. It amazing I couldn't turn down the offer. I gave my two week notice But I'm feeling so emotional right now? Any suggestions or advices please? In a way I'm going to miss my old job . . 😭