Ever feel like other moms steal your experience?!

Toni • Our Rainbow is due 1-9-16 🌈
I am one of 4 sisters in my family, and I am the last to have a baby. Many of my friends have children also, and I feel like I can never vent about the way I'm feeling! 
I am always met with a "oh I've been there!" "Wait for the second trimester!" "It's so worth it!" "You asked for it!"
I know they mean well, and forgive me for my hormones. But let me have a human moment! I know it's gonna be wonderful and magical, but I need a second to be a pregnant woman who is miserable. It's to the point I don't want to talk to them about how I'm doing. I have DH, who is just perfect and understanding. But girl time is non existent these days. Anyone else have these kind of feelings? 😔