I need advice for dealing with in laws and your child.


So me and my husband are about to have our son any day now and it's really stressing me out how I'm going to handle my FIL. He lives with us and my husband was named after him. Well we decided on the name Derek Gregory and that's because Derek was my husbands best friend who passed away and Gregory is my dad well my FIL wants his middle name to be added to give my kid 2 middle names which I already decided against I'm set on the name and my husband supports me in the decision. Well a little more back story my husband moved out at 16 and raised his brother basically from birth because his dad was not the greatest and he ended up not talking to his dad for more then 5 years. He finally called his dad because my step daughter was asking who her grandpa was (he didn't even know my husband had a daughter) and he came back in their lives. My FIL made a remark that he will be getting social security soon and if we let him live with us for free he would stay home and watch my son while we work. I'm just not ok with how he raised my husband or how I feel my son would be raised in his care. He doesn't want my son in day care because he says they all have sexual predators but he wasn't concerned about being a good father how can he expect me to be ok with him raising my son. I get 4 months maternity leave so I have some time to think about how to break it to him. He's a really blunt and uncompassionate person so I'm scared of the issues this will cause when I do have to tell him his grandson will not have his middle name and that he will not be staying home and watching him while I work. Has anyone had similar issues ? Or how do you deal with your in laws wanting their way with your kid that conflicts with what you want for them.