Tongue Tie??


Any mummies in here have experience with tongue ties?

My son has one and they noticed it after I gave birth but they didn’t do anything about it because they said it seemed like he was feeding fine

Well he’s 3 weeks old now and I can’t seem to get him to settle after a feed

I try and breast feed him but he loosens his suck and I think he just eventually gets tired and gives up and just sits there with my nipple in his mouth

I try and top him up with formula or EBM afterwards and some times he flat out refuses it and other times he drinks a little but still won’t go down afterwards and he’ll just sit there and cry or other times he’ll still go to sleep but wake up 20 minutes later still hungry 😩

My supply has also decreased ALOT I was easily pumping 100mls each side now I’m lucky to get 30mls a side