My first ever BFP!

Wow I'm still so stunned, it feels like I'm dreaming. We have been TTC number 1 for 4 months and the fourth month, we got our BFP!
​I am 26, DH is 29 and we recently got married, so we immediately started TTC. It was not easy when I got my AF each month as I always felt some form of symptoms. I'm October I decided to take charge of the process, I bought pre-seed and clearblue easy digital OPKs.  I got the <a href="">Glow app</a> and entered my data.We tried the Sperm meets egg plan. Glow was always accurate on my ovulation days and it was so nice to have the tips on the daily pages. I believed this was really it. Two weeks later, after raising my hopes really high, I got AF. It was disheartening, but I got back on the horse in November and started doing the same thing, SMEP, pre-seed, Glow and digital OPKs. A week later I totally lost my appetite, which I found very strange. I started to cramp but that is not out of the ordinary for me so I didn't pay it any attention. A couple of days later, at 7DPO my boobs started to hurt, mainly under the arms and on the sides, a new symptom for me. I carried on like this until 11DPO and then my boobs started to hurt a lot! this prompted me to test and I got the faintest squinter of a line. I disregarded it as an evap. This morning at 12DPO, I got a definite faint pink line, and then later in the evening, I tested again. The line was darker. I have got my very first BFP!!
​I must say, I just knew this was our month. I prayed from the very first day we started BD, and I kept the faith that this month, God would bless us with our first. Well He is faithful, I'm so stunned, I am going to be a mother and it's taking time to sink in.
​Don't give up ladies, it will happen in His time. trust God and He will give you the desires of your heart. All the best to the ladies who are still TTC, it will happen, hang in there.